About Us

In the beginning there was light (a little LED backlight)

Big Head Games was formed from 8bit Games in 2008 by three industry veterans each with a love of making games and a desire to push things further, 13 years later and we’re still crafting.

First came Elefunk on Playstation 3 for Sony Europe, it was our initial idea and design, we pitched it to Sony XDev and it became a reality when Sony showed some love. Even now animations of the elephants turn up in Sony presentations from time to time – they can’t resist that wiggle!

2008 the iPhone 3GS and the world changing App Store.

On arrival of the iPhone and more importantly the App store we set our focus squarely on making high quality iPhone games – our thoughts were we could use our console experience to create great things on iPhone better than our previous games on flip phones and the Nokia 3210…we, like others produced a number of titles including Revs Racing and Retro X but our surprise hit, and still played today, was International Snooker, featured by Apple in the iPhone 3GS TV commercial it powered straight to number one throughout Europe.

The Doodle Era

As games like Doodle Jump took off we also leapt feet first into the doodle world with Doodle Pool and it seemed we hit a nerve as the game rocketed to the top of the charts and was downloaded more than 1.5m times (hey in 2010 that was huge).

Excited by the success of Doodle Pool we continued to make one off games like Zombie RacersZooZooGo!, we even licensed The Terminator! He said he’d be back.

More Snooker – is a very good thing.

We met some guys who had spent a small fortune creating a new form of Snooker called Power Snooker, they asked us to make a game to be launched and played at the first live event.

We went on to launch more snooker (and pool) games, International Snooker 2012International Snooker 2014International Snooker ChallengesInternational Pool and of course Doodle Pool 2.

Alongside this we were asked to make games for some very well respected games publishers including EA Games, they trusted us with Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 a conversion from the arcade version to mobile, we even updated it to be fully 3D.

505 Games went all do, bop, diddle do with Grease on Nintendo DSi…

in 2017 we decided to take some time off, relax, rebuild our ying and yang…all very karmic and good for the soul.

After a nice break we were given an HTC Vive and started to dabble in the dark arts (VR) the fruits of our labor were released in 2020 as The Hunted a wave shooter on Steam.

And finally in an upside down world we stumbled across Jelle’s Marble Runs and the world seemed all ok again, thank you Jelle, we look forward to turning your dreams into games for many years to come.